Las Vegas Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting has been a popular (and lucrative) industry in Nevada since the 1930s and it has come a long way over the last several decades. It was not until recently, however, that sportsbook operators began offering sports betting apps. These apps have made it easier to legally bet on sports than ever before.
Sports betting apps are now a major convenience for residents that doesn’t feel like getting over to the nearby casino, or those who live in a “middle of nowhere” section of Nevada and have to travel a distance to go to any casino. It is also great for visitors that might only in Vegas for a few days and don’t want to get over to the sportsbook every time they need to place a wager.

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The Sign-up Process

Creating the account is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes, but it does need to be done in person. You can do this without being a Nevada resident, or even a USA Citizen. You just need to be at least 21 years old. You will have to provide your social security number along with all of your basic contact information. It’s all pretty standard stuff you’ve probably already done a million times. There are no surprises. And any withdrawal you eventually make you also have to do at the casino.

How Sports Betting Apps Work

After you’ve opened the account, the next step is adding the app to your smart phone. At the sportsbook, you’ll have been given an account number along with a PIN which serves as your password. Once you’ve logged in, now it’ll just feel like you’re in the sportsbook again. The board comes up with all of the sports. After you’ve clicked on the sport, the next screen shows what different types of bets you can make. Straight bet, teaser or parlay, etc. It’s very easy and convenient.
Once you’re done submitting your bets, it will show you a screen of everything you just selected, confirming this is what you really want. In other words, you essentially get to click “yes” twice. This will keep you from screwing up your bet because once it’s in, it can’t be taken back. If you leave Nevada, it won’t work. You can still log in and look at the lines, but a locator will determine if the app is or isn’t being used within Nevada boundaries. If you are not, it will simply deny your bet and informing you that you are out of state.

Best Las Vegas Sports Betting Apps

There are 7 different companies with legal sports betting apps in Nevada. We have listed all of them below with specific details about each app and which casinos/companies are linked to them. All of these apps can be used on iOS or Android. (our list is not in any specific order)

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William Hill

William Hill is the largest sportsbook operator in Nevada, so it comes as no surprise that they have their own sports betting app. There are dozens of William Hill kiosks at various casinos in Las Vegas where you can deposit into your account.
In addition to kiosks, there are a number of bars scattered around Vegas called PT’s or Sean Patrick’s which allow William Hill deposits. The last deposit option is PayNearMe. You can access this at any 7-11 in Nevada, but your first deposit has to be at least $100. If you are depositing again and are at a kiosk, however, you can deposit as little as $5. The minimum bet you are allowed to bet on the app is $2.

When using the William Hill Mobile Sports Betting App, you receive cash back on your action. Players get $1 for every $500 wagered on parlays or teasers and $1 for every $1,000 wagered on straight bets. The William Hill app accepts bets on all of the major sports you would normally see. In game betting is also an option for NFL, NBA, the big college football games, and college hoops.

NV Sports Books

South Point is the main leader as far as NV Sports Books go, but you can also open an account at a few other casinos around Vegas. The app is the same as William Hill’s, and it also offers a wide selection on props bets. Its lines are independent, however, and there are all sorts of exotic prop bets you can make too.

NV Sports Books Locations

One thing to note is wherever you opened your account becomes your home location, and is the only place you can withdraw or deposit. Deposits start at $100, and you can cash out any amount you want. If you redeposit, they start at $50. The minimum bet is $2. No comps.

B Connected Sports (Boyd Gaming)

Boyd Gaming’s sports betting app is called B Connected Sports. It’s powered by technology from Miomni, but everything you see on the board at any Boyd Gaming sportsbook is also available on the app. You can sign up for a B Connected Sports account at most Boyd Gaming properties around Las Vegas, with the exception of Eldorado and Joker’s Wild.

B Connected Sports Locations

What’s nice about this one is you can download the app and see the lines before taking any other steps to open an account. This probably draws in a lot of customers if they happen to have the best line on a particular game.

The minimum deposit is only $50, and there are no withdraw limits. The minimum bet is $2, and if you redeposit, that number stays at $50. You cannot bet greater than $500 and there are no comps. Prop bets are not offered. It’s fairly limited, but the freedom to view its lines at no expense of time or money makes it stand out.

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Aliante Casino

Aliante used to have its own sports betting app, but they switched over to the B Connected Sports app in 2016 after they were acquired by Boyd Gaming.

The Aliante sports betting app is also powered by Miomni, but their lines are independent. Every line at the casino is also offered on the app. Aliante offers you an enticingly cheap deal on parlays and teasers which is better than anywhere in Las Vegas. The payouts on futures are also better.

They offer -104 lines on baseball, which is the best deal you can get in all of Nevada sports betting. For regular season games it has eight cent lines too. You can also view the lines on the app without an account or an active balance. This is all because they are a bit out of the way in North Las Vegas. If they didn’t give you a strong incentive to go up there, you wouldn’t. The minimum deposit is also $50, as is the case if you redeposit. You can with withdraw anything you want and the lowest bet allowed is $2. They do not offer comps.

CG Sports™ (CG Technology)

The main betting house for CG is at the M Resort but accounts can also be created at a number of other casinos in Las Vegas.

CG Sports Betting Locations

To deposit or redeposit is $100, and you can cash out any figure. It’s a $100 minimum to deposit with no withdrawal minimum. The minimum bet is $2, and it also permits in game betting. Everything on the board at the said casinos are on the app. All your typical major sports, and even Arena Football. You can also bet on teasers and parlays, as well as futures. Some of the more complex teaser cards you find at the sportsbooks are also on the app. No comps.

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MGM has finally gotten in on the sports betting apps. Their app is called PlayMGM. You can open your account at every MGM property sportsbook in Las Vegas.

MGM Sportsbook Locations

The minimum first deposit is $100 on the PlayMGM app, but you can redeposit with $50. The minimum bet is $2. MGM also does not have to take your action and could potentially suggest you bet something else in the event that they don’t. You can of course refuse the counter offer and stick with your original pick. No comps. The app offers in-game betting.

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STN Sports (Station Casinos)

Formerly known as Sports Connection, STN Sports is Station Casino’s new and improved sports betting app. Their new app launched in 2016 and is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. The only major difference we noticed is that the old Sports Connection app let registered users place bets on their website, but unfortunately that is no longer possible.

STN Sports (Station Casinos)

You can also sign up at any other casino owned by Wildfire or Fiesta.

Another option is using a prepaid card issued by Station Casinos. You can add money to the card with either your credit card or with your bank. This makes life a lot easier if you are a rest of Nevada but currently outside Las Vegas. Or if you just do not care to schlep down to the casino that day.

In addition to the normal major sports you can bet on, a lot of the complex teaser and parlay cards you see inside the casino is on the app as well, and in game betting is also available. The minimum for deposits is $50. Withdrawals can only be as low $50, unless you have less than that. The minimum bet is $2. Players earn $1 in comps for every $500 bet and you can use these for slots or food.

Final Thoughts on Sports Betting Apps

Other than Boyd Gaming, the typical max bet for these apps is $3,000. If you are trying to go bigger than that, talk to the sportsbook supervisor where you opened the account to see if they can grant your request.

Also, and, this probably goes without saying, but be extra careful when submitting your bets. Just make sure you are getting the exact odds you wanted at whatever spread you expected. Once you make the bet, it is a done deal that cannot be repealed. They tell you to check your ticket for accuracy after you have made a bet inside the casino, but that is a mistake that can be rectified if you notice it in time, unlike with the apps.

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