Intro has been around for more than 10 years, but has evolved to fit in perfectly with the changing landscape of modern-day sports betting and online casino play. In allowing cryptocurrency transactions paired with traditional banking options and a live casino, BetMania balances experience with innovation to bring you a complete betting experience. Adding to the allure of is the fact that they are fully licensed and regulated by the government of Costa Rica.

Sportsbook at

Players Accepted: United States, Canada, All Others
Players Not Accepted: BetMania does not disclose this information
The sportsbook at features a simplistic setup that is easy to follow and free from unnecessary clutter. Upon logging into your account and navigating to the sportsbook, you will be greeted with what BetMania terms its “Hot Games.” As you might expect, these are the games and events deemed by BetMania to be the most popular for that given day.
On the left side of the sportsbook’s main page you will find a drop-down menu featuring the different, broader betting categories offered by BetMania. Each broader category can be expanded upon with just one click, allowing you to navigate quickly and easily to the event(s) upon which you would like to wager on. Without going too much further into it right this moment, one glance at the different betting markets helps you understand that is as complete a sportsbook as you will find.
In terms of the account creation process, there really isn’t much to it. By supplying some personal details such as name, address, and phone number, and by setting up a password, your account will be created in a matter of seconds. Though some people might find this to be a nuisance, we loved that customer support reached out to us within a few minutes of creating an account. The customer support agent was there to answer any questions, to assist with deposits, and to promote some of the bonuses offered to new players.

Reputation of

World Casino Index Reputation Rating: 5/5
Put simply, a sportsbook and online casino cannot exist well over 10 years without a sterling reputation. There are so many sites out there and the competition is so fierce that even the smallest issues can mean the end of a sportsbook or casino. BetMania has always done their best to keep things professional and this has resulted in a massive, global following of people who love what they have to offer. We encourage you to do as we did and scour the web for current and former player testimonials, but you will quickly find that the overwhelming tone with regard to BetMania is a positive one.

Sports and Leagues Offered at BetMania

Primary Sports Offered: Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Soccer
Other Sports Offered: Tennis, Golf, Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Darts, Cycling, Cricket, Entertainment
It may not be obvious at first, but when you take a look at the listing of sports betting markets offered by BetMania, it becomes apparent that they primarily cater to a North American betting audience. With sports such as basketball (college and NBA), football (college and NFL), ice hockey, and baseball topping the list, it is clear that their coverage of classically American leagues trumps that of most other sports. Having said that, their coverage of soccer is as good as you will find anywhere. So, while they may focus on US-based sporting leagues first and foremost, there are plenty of wagering options for leagues and sports from other parts of the world as well.
Navigating through the different sports betting markets is easy, too. The different sports are listed on a menu that can be collapsed and expanded until you find the sporting league/event upon which you would like to wager. For example, the “College Basketball” tab, once dropped down, unveils a few different betting options such as NCAA Men’s basketball and NCAA Women’s basketball. This allows you to more easily navigate directly to the event upon which you would like to wager.

Baseball at

The dominant type of baseball betting available at BetMania is wagers relating to Major League Baseball, but there is a separate tab where international baseball betting is featured. The MLB betting is up there with the best you will find, but the international baseball tab leaves a lot to be desired. At the present time, the only other baseball that you can bet on at BetMania is from South Korea. To our knowledge, baseball leagues from places like Mexico and Japan are not featured.
Yes, there is betting on individual games and even series, but there are loads of additional bets. These include everything from player propositions to futures bets, and more.

Basketball at

On the main drop-down menu, basketball exists as two different tabs; one for professional basketball and one for NCAA, or college, basketball. In terms of your options when it comes to professional basketball betting, you are able to bet on the NBA and WNBA as well as a number of other professional leagjues from around the world. Just like it is with the selection of baseball betting markets, BetMania has a separate tab for “International Basketball.” Unfortunately, there are only 4 total international leagues and events you can wager on. There are betting options for professional basketball from Argentina, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. The final international basketball betting market includes Champions League, which is a competition that pits the top European basketball clubs against one another in order to determine an ultimate champion of Europe.
College basketball betting at BetMania includes both men’s and women’s and is more or less restricted to Division I schools.

Football at

Football betting at BetMania is complete in that it consists of both NFL and NCAA football. In addition to this, you can also place wagers on games from the Canadian Football League. There are a whole host of pre-game betting options, but what we really loved was the diverse selection of futures wagers. During the NFL and NCAA football seasons, there are also plenty of player props and other special bets available.

Hockey and Other Sports at

The story of hockey betting at BetMania is no different than it is with baseball and basketball. Even though there are dozens of professional hockey leagues from around the world, BetMania only offers betting on the United States’ National Hockey League. There may only be one league that you are able to wager upon, but there are a multitude of different wagers and wager types at your disposal. Whether it be standard game lines, alternate lines, player props, or futures, BetMania has hockey bettors covered.
There are a few other sports that you can bet on at BetMania, but the one that stands out the most is soccer. The exact number changes all the time, but there are 10+ different tabs for varying soccer markets. The different tabs exist in order to more accurately refine the total number of basketball betting markets based on their geographical location. We could go on and one about how soccer betting is organized, but to keep things simple it suffices to say that BetMania’s organization makes the events you would like to wager upon extremely easy to find.
Other sports such as tennis, golf, boxing, MMA, and rugby are featured, but the number of betting options available for these markets pales in comparison to what you will find on the abovementioned popular sports. For example, rugby coverage is limited to the well-known premier competitions. Smaller matches from leagues that may not necessarily be world-renowned are often not included.

Live Betting

The live betting interface is a bit more static than we like to see. Rather than ticking clocks and auto-updating scores, you have a page that updates every 5-10 seconds. To be fair, it functions fine and we do not really have any complaints with regard to usability, but it does feel a bit dated. What’s more, there are not a ton of live games upon which you can wager. There is a heavy concentration on US-based sports, but beyond that you will not find many other live betting markets. If you primarily wager on US sports, you will not have many complaints with regard to the live betting interface, but it is not the best we have seen and used.

Bet Types at

Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Totals (over/under), Parlays, Teasers, Futures Wagers, Player Props, IF, Win Reverse
Not Offered: Exotic Parlays
Something we really enjoyed about is that they make the different bets that they offer known right from the start. At the top of the sportsbook homepage, you will find a ribbon that features a drop-down that allows you to organize all betting lines by the type of bet you would like to make. If, for example, you would like to make a multi-team teaser bet, you can organize all game lines to reflect odds and lines for different teasers. Being that you can buy points at BetMania, the spreads and odds for different events can changed.
Traditional bets, referred to as “straight” bets, are on offer for every event and are the default setting for all lines. What makes stand out for us is the fact that they offer a wide variety of unique bets, including futures and player props. In fact, for most US-based professional sporting leagues, you will find plenty of player props available, even for the most average matchups. There are few sportsbooks that compare to with regard to player props and futures wagers.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

The sign up bonus offered to new players is, oddly enough, also available for returning players who are making additional deposits. The bonus is very rewarding in that it is a 200% matching bonus on your initial deposit. Something we did not necessarily like is that a player must call customer service in order to activate the bonus.

Sportsbook Promotions

In addition to the promotions offered to new players, there are a number of bonuses and promotions offered for regular bettors. Some of these bonuses function as deposit bonuses, but others are contests and competitions bettors can enter free of charge, or for a small fee. For example, during March Madness there is a challenge where bettors try to pick what will happen from the Sweet 16 through to the championship game. When it comes down to it, there are plenty of bonuses and promotions, many of which change throughout the year.

Horses, eSports, and Financials at

Horse betting at BetMania actually features its own separate page. When you click on the “Racing” tab, you will be redirected to a page that features all of BetMania’s live and upcoming races. You are also able to sort horse races by the track being raced at, which makes things easier. Something we did notice is that the coverage of tracks is almost exclusively limited to horse tracks in North America. While larger horseracing events are covered, there is a very apparent North American bias when it comes to the overall coverage.
Currently, does not offer any sort of eSports betting. The same can be said with financials and entertainment betting. It seems as though BetMania sticks strictly to sports and does not stray too far from what most would consider traditional sports.

Casino at

Software Platform: BGaming,
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Live Dealer
Games Not Offered: Keno, Scratchoffs, Lottery, Bingo
The casino at BetMania is more than competent, however it does have the feel of a casino that was meant to capture sports bettors rather than a casino that is going to attract die-hards. Despite that, has plenty of games from which to choose, and more than enough to keep gamblers of all levels more than satisfied. Though customer service agents were quick to tell us that their online casino boasts a few different software providers, we found evidence of only BGaming games. BGaming, for those who might be unfamiliar, is the newly rebranded SoftSwiss.

Slots at Casino

Number of Slots: 20
Min and Max Slot Bets: $0.10-$25/spin
Right off the bat, it is clear to see that the selection of slot games at leaves a lot to be desired. At even some of the lower-level casinos, it is a common occurrence to see 75 or more slot games on offer. BetMania has barely 20 total slots, and making matters worse is the fact that all of them come from one software provider BGaming. BGaming is a more than competent and growing brand, but they are far from being one of the top online slot providers out there. All things considered, we would like to see a lot improve when it comes to the slot game offering at

Table Games at

Table Games Offered: Blackjack (Surrender, Multihand, Double Exposure), Baccarat, Hi-Lo Switch, Pontoon, Roulette
Table Games Not Offered: Single Deck, 21 Burn, Pirate 21, Super 7, Craps, Oasis Poker, Ride’em Poker, Caribbean Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Triple Edge Poker, Poker 3—Heads Up Hold’em, High Low Draw, Red Dog, 3 Card Rummy, Top Card Trumps
Min and Max Bets: $1-$200
If the slot selection at leaves a lot to be desired, so too does their table game selection. Apart from the bare minimum, they do not offer much in the way of table games. There are a few variations of blackjack as well as classics such as baccarat and roulette, but some other popular table games are inexplicably not included. Games like Pai Gow, Craps, and Caribbean Poker are just a few of the top table games omitted from BetMania’s selection.
What we do like about BetMania’s table games is that they offer a reasonable range of betting limits. As you might expect, the minimum wager is $1, but every game offered allows a maximum single wager of $200.

Live Dealer Games at

Live Dealer Games Offered: Blackjack, Roulette (American and European), Baccarat, Super 6
Min and Max Bets: Blackjack ($10-$500), Roulette ($1-$1,000), Baccarat ($5-$1,000), Super 6 ($5-$1,000)
Live dealer games at BetMania are perhaps the number one reason why people choose to play at this casino. The live games are brought to you by Vivo Gaming, a company that is quickly making a name for itself. Vivo is becoming a popular brand thanks to the fact that they employ world class dealers that handle themselves as well as casino guests with the highest level of professionalism. The look and feel of the live stream is such that you will get the full brick and mortar casino experience without ever having to step foot inside one.
As if all of this wasn’t good enough,’s live casino games can be played on mobile devices as well. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, you are never more than a few clicks away from playing live dealer games.

Mobile Casino at

Though this is difficult to aptly explain, the mobile version of BetMania’s virtual casino differs from what you will find on a desktop or laptop computer. For one, the game selection and even classification of games varies from one platform to the next. On the desktop site, for example, most table games fall under the “Card Games” tab. At the mobile casino, on the other hand, they are correctly referred to as “Table Games.” In addition to all of this, while you will not find casino war, red dog, nor Pai Gow on the desktop casino, you can play it at BetMania’s mobile casino.
Despite the above not making too much logical sense, it is good to know that the games function well. There is something to be said about a variation in your overall offering, however we were taken aback to see the drastic differences between the traditional online and mobile casinos.

Casino Sign Up Bonus at

Before diving into the casino sign up bonuses, it is worth mentioning that there are actually two different types of bonuses given to new casino players; one for virtual casino-goers, and one for casino players who will be spending their time with live dealers.
The bonuses given to virtual casino players are separated into different platforms, and broken down even further from there. The simplest and most straightforward is a 500% matching deposit bonus with up to $1,500 in bonus monies available. Because this sign up bonus carries a somewhat high minimum ($100), there is another bonus. The second bonus is also a 500% marching deposit bonus with up to $1,500 in bonus monies available, however the minimum qualifying deposit is just $25.
For live casino players, there is either a 150% bonus on deposits ranging from $100-$250, and a 175% matching deposit bonus on deposits ranging from $251-$500.

Casino Promotions at

In addition to the multifaceted sign up bonuses offered to new players, there are other promotions available to existing players. There aren’t a boatload of other promotions, and contests/special events are seldom held, but reload bonuses do exist and allow you the opportunity to cash in on just about every deposit you make.

Casino Bonus Terms and Requirements

Because there are quite a few different bonuses offered to new players, it is important to read the terms and conditions for each, because they are different. For both of the aforementioned 500% matching casino deposit bonuses there is a 35x (deposit + bonus) playthrough requirement to satisfy. For live casino sign up bonuses, there is a hefty 39x playthrough requirement. In addition to there simply being general rollover/playthrough requirements, it is important to read the terms and conditions in order to determine which games contribute to satisfying the playthrough requirement, which contribute partially, and which games do not help satisfy playthrough requirements at all.