Established since 2001 and based out of San Jose, Costa Rica, Heritage is considered one of the best online gambling sites out there. Its sportsbook is most cited for its quality and professional customer service. This is certainly worth valuing as much as anything else when it comes to sizing up which online sportsbook you want to use especially if you see yourself giving a lot of action with it.
There are fewer things more aggravating than having constant unresolved matters regarding money. When you know you can count on quality service, the chances of running into a problem are reduced. They speak fluent English and Spanish. The sports you can bet on are unlimited. Any type of game you can think of is there. Ranging from the most popular sports like Major League Baseball to E-Sports which is video games.
The main drawback to playing on Heritage is if you are a professional price-trading player and not just recreational, you may not be eligible to receive all of the loyalty perks.

Availability and Currency

Heritage accepts U.S. dollars and bitcoins. American business is welcome. The only countries that must verify their eligibility are France, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, and Australia. You may bet online 24/7/365. The minimum bet is $2 and the maximums vary on what type of bet you are making and what event you are betting on.

Other Games to Play

In addition to offering a complete sportsbook that also includes live betting (betting on events that are already in progress), Heritage offers other casino games, a poker room, and a racebook.
Betting on the horses is a $2 minimum or $5 if you do it over the phone. The poker games can be for real money or for play and if you are brand new the site will teach you how to play.
If you just want regular casino action on things that don’t require as much thought, the casino games extend to 3D slots, Pyramid Poker, scratch cards, Heads up Hold’em Poker, and slots of 5 reel, 9 line, 5 reel, 18 line, and 3 reel, 1 line.

Deposit Methods

You can send money to another player’s account, otherwise known as a person-to-person transaction. The limits are $100-$680. The fee for doing so is not reimbursed and it takes at least an hour to complete the transaction. Heritage does not recommend you use this option.
If you have any Bitcoins you can use them as well. There is no fee, the transaction occurs in about an hour or less, and you can deposit as little as $25 with no maximum.
Cashier’s checks are also accepted starting at no less than $1,000. The fee for it will be reimbursed to you and it takes an estimated 5-7 business days. Note that it takes about 6 weeks for the check to clear and you may not withdraw anything until they have.
If you use a bank wire, you will also have your fee reimbursed however you must deposit no less than $5,000 per transaction. The transaction time takes 24-72 hours and note that they are always subject to availability.
If you have an International prepaid VISA card or a credit card you can deposit anywhere between 17 and $500. Any possible foreign exchange fee will not be reimbursed and the clearance time for the deposit is immediate.

How to Withdraw

You can get a cashier’s check starting at $500 and up to $3,000. This is not an appealing option as the fee is $50 to receive one and it takes 10 to 15 business days.
A bank wire also costs $75 and can take 3 to 7 business days to complete. You may withdraw any amount you want starting at $10,000. This option is also always subject to availability.
Heritage is a Bitcoin sportsbook. You can withdraw back to your Bitcoin account the same day with no fee, however you may not withdraw more than $10,000 per 7 day period. You can take out as little as $100 per transaction and as much as $3,000. You can also only withdraw to your Bitcoin account if you used it to deposit.
You can do a person to person transfer anywhere from $100 to $300. It takes 3-5 business days to complete and the fees vary. Once again it is not recommended you do this.
You can also transfer funds from other online sportsbooks. It can be done the same day, free of charge, and anywhere from $500 to $10,000.
Times available to withdraw are limited. They are Mondays from 6am-12pm and Tuesday to Friday 7am-12pm. Any withdraw requested not during these hours will be processed the next business day. Certain deposit fees are reimbursed but only 7 days after you have made your deposit. Otherwise if you withdraw within 7 days of your deposit, the fee is not reimbursed.
The above withdrawal options are applicable if you plan to withdraw with a relative frequency because every 30 day rolling period you may request a free check from Heritage. Once you request a free check, you will have to wait 30 days before asking for another one. Unless you have to have your money pronto, this is the simplest way to withdraw.

Deposit Bonuses and Other Promotions

Most online sportsbooks and casinos incentivize you with potential bonuses for every time you deposit. Heritage gives you a lot to choose from and unlike some other sportsbooks, you are not forced to pick between deposit bonuses or reduced juice options. You can have both.
1) If you are a new player and deposit cash, you will receive a 50% bonus upwards of $300, with a maximum of $250 (If you do a$500 deposit). This does not apply for person-to-person transfers and there is a 12x rollover minimum before you withdraw. Rollover means you must bet at least 12 times the combined amount of what you deposited and what you received on your bonus. For example, if you deposit $300 and receive a $150 bonus, that is a total of $450. With a 12x rollover implemented, you do $450 times 12, which equals $5,400. That means all your wagers must total at least $5,400 for you to be able to withdraw your $150 bonus as you have now satisfied the rollover. It isn’t exactly a scam as all the details are laid out, but naturally the appeal of the deposit bonus is to make someone believe they can come into some free money really fast with no obstacles. This is not the case.
2) Instead of the standard -110 juice for betting the spread, when betting football or basketball, lines are offered at -108 which will certainly save you quite a bit of money over time.
3) Sports Cash Back: Every quarter starting January 1 you will receive a rebate for the amount of action you have given. If you’ve placed 500 bets, you receive 0.8% back of the total amounts wagered from your $500. Since the minimum bet is $2, if you played 500 $2 bets totaling $1,000 wagered, you would get $80 back after the quarter is over. If you place 150-499 bets you receive 0.6%, and 0.4% if you place 149 bets or less. $10,000 is the highest rebate you can receive each quarter. If you are doing parlay bets, you receive a greater value of cash back per bet as parlays are much harder to win. The more teams you put on your parlay, the more value you get. You get up 4.5x cash back if your parlay has 14 predictions on it. There is no rollover attached to the cash back program and once you have accumulated $50 into your rebate balance, you can redeem it early via check. You will not have to wait for the next quarter to arrive.
4) If you are reloading your account, you can get 10% cash bonus towards your deposit up to $500. The minimum deposit is $100, it does not apply to person-to-person transfers, and the rollover requirement is only 5x the reload deposit.
5) On a month by month basis, you can receive an 8% rebate for all your casino losses. There is a 4x rollover and the rebate ranges from $20-$2000. You are paid the first of each month.
6) 4% rebate is available for any losses on horse racing. The rollover is also 4x and the rebate is capped at $2,000.
7) If it’s your birthday, if you meet certain requirements you may place a free parlay bet. The parlay can only be between 2 and 3 teams. The amount you may bet is determined as being half the amount of the average wager you have placed, no more than $500. You must also have placed at least 10 bets per week combining any 8 specific weeks totaling a volume of at least $4,000 (at least $50 per bet as to fit this criteria). You must have a valid email address and this is only available for recreational players.
8) If your first 7 deposits go awry with no payouts, the 8th one can be made for free. It is based on the average deposit of the first 7. The maximum is $5,000 with an 8x rollover. You must have a $0 balance with $0 pending and you may not transfer this money into the poker room. If Heritage has any inkling you are trying to manipulate the system somehow this may result in a suspension or at the least, a forfeiture of the bonus. You also may not make multiple deposits and place them on the same event in an effort to speed up the number of deposits you’ve made. For example, if you deposit $500 and bet it on the Patriots, and then do it again for the same game, this is only counted as 1 deposit.