Sports betting products come in a few primary shapes and sizes. You will either be purchasing information, usually from what is known as a “tout” or a group of experts, or you will be paying for a system. As you might imagine, if it seems too good to be true it probably is, and nowhere is this more true than with sports betting products. With that said, there are many legitimate products out there that can, at the very least, improve your bottom line. This might mean initially simply reducing your losses, but eventually these tools can help to form you into an actual winning sports bettor.
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Beating sports betting isn’t an easy thing to do, and your primary goal should be to have fun with it. If you want to try to create an edge, however, these products are there to offer help. We only review products and systems that we truly believe in, or outline systems/advice we strongly disagree with. In this way we hope we can help you navigate the saturated industry that is sports betting.

Sports Betting Touts and Experts

Sports betting touts are people who claim to have superior knowledge and ability when it comes to picking winners. Most of them say that they win at 60%, 70%, or sometimes even higher numbers. These types of touts will state that if you buy their information, they will certainly be sending you the best winning picks, non stop. Of course many of these touts are fly by night operations that should not be trusted. The more ridiculous that winning percentages seem, the more unlikely they are to be legitimate.
Now, they aren’t going to prove a whole lot, other than maybe a few unverifiable screenshots, but they prey on hope. They figure that if you believe what they are selling, they will be able to sell you on a dream they have created. And yes, they do get a lot of people to bite, so you need to be very careful.
Remember that if someone was a big time winning sports bettor, they probably wouldn’t need to be selling you their picks because they would already be rolling in money. Just like anything else in sports betting, you should take the advice of a tout as entertainment and little else. If you happen to be tailing a random tout or group of experts who are sending you strong picks for awhile, don’t discount the fact that anyone can get lucky for a little while. Don’t let this random spurt of fortunate results convince you that a future bad run will turn around, because odds are that this tout is just reverting to the mean; the numbers always balance themselves out in the end.

Betting Systems

Sports betting systems often times do not have a specific person promoting them (or when they do, usually the person is made up), but instead feature sneaky sales tactics to convince you that they have discovered any number of secrets to winning. This could mean that they tell you their special math has found out ways to beat the pre-existing statistics, and they may even provide some “proof” which, at the surface, may make it seem like they are actually onto something. Don’t fall for these scheme level tactics, because no one is going to sell you the secret to untold riches for $29.99, $99.99 or even $9,999.
Systems rely on short term results to convince people that they actually produce profits. One of the most common types of gambling loss chasing systems uses the application of what is known as the Martingale theory, which is nothing more than a gambler’s fallacy.

Pricing, Introduction Offers & Guarantees

The way that most touts or sports betting systems draw customers in is via low prices, free intro offers, or guarantees. By promoting their products as low or zero risk, they are able to successfully convince the masses that there is no reason that anyone *shouldn’t* buy their products. The guise is low risk and low expense, with huge upside return. Nothing really works this way, and often times even guarantees are not even really offered in the same way as they are promoted. For these reasons it is imperative that you make sure to read the fine print for anything that you are considering buying, and check out reviews (like the ones offered here) for real feedback.
Prices are usually going to be low for sports betting products. The way these programs make money is either by having recurring billing at a low price, or they will charge a small amount initially, and then charge much more later on. Just as is the case with guarantees, be sure to look closely to ensure that you are actually paying the same amount that you think you are.