Bonus Bagging is a betting system which aims to make money off of the bonuses offered by bookmakers intended to bring in new clients. This new and innovative system was developed after much research into the betting world and claims to take advantage of ‘loopholes’ in the system. Fully understanding the Bonus Bagging system can be difficult, and it is the purpose of this article to explain how it works. Additionally, this article will explain how people can get involved, as well as what current and previous users have been saying about their experiences with Bonus Bagging.
The betting world is being flooded with many different services and websites through which people can make various bets on a multitude of things. Many of these websites offer free bets to new users in order to attract a greater number of people to their website. It is the intention of Bonus Bagging to take advantage of these free bets. Users will make money off of the bookmaker’s money through matched betting. This process will seem confusing to people unfamiliar with betting, but Bonus Bagging has developed a way to make it as understandable as possible to new users.
There are several steps that must be taken before users will experience the benefits of the Bonus Bagging loophole. The first step is that users will make an account with Betfair and deposit £75. Betfair is an online betting service in which users are able to bet against each other rather than against bookmakers. This Betfair account is made so that users can hedge their qualification bet at a bookmaker, virtually eradicating any risk involved in the qualifying bet. After that account is made, Bonus Bagging will email users containing information of what bookmaker to make an account with, how much to deposit in the account, and what bet to make. This is the second step in the process. This bet will qualify users for the bonus free bet that will eventually make the Bonus Bagging users their money. In order to not lose money, however, users must make a lay bet, or a bet opposite to the one being made with the bookmaker, on Betfair. The lay bet will be included in the email from Bonus Bagging, which makes it easier for users.
It is somewhat common for users to lose a relatively small amount of money during this portion of the process. Now that the user has their bonus bet, they may make the third step. Bonus Bagging will then email users again with a suggested bet to make with their bonus. In this email will also be a lay bet to be made on Betfair. After this, either the bonus bet or the bet made on Betfair will win. The final step of the process is to withdraw the winnings and request another bookmaker bet from Bonus Bagging, who limit users to a maximum of three new bookmakers per day. As mentioned before, this process can seem complex and confusing. However, Bonus Bagging’s website contains a new user document which contains examples of this process to better explain it to users.
Bonus Bagging has made this seemingly complex loophole very easy to use through its informative emails that tell users specifically how to make their bets with minimized risk. For their services, Bonus Bagging requires a payment of £27 plus tax. Those interested in utilizing Bonus Bagging’s services should note that there is also money required to make accounts with Betfair and with the bookmakers suggested by Bonus Bagging. Bonus Bagging’s emails are very descriptive and users report that they learn how the system works very quickly. Additionally, user reviews in general have been overall very favorable.
All in all, Bonus Bagging is a very smart and innovative system that has found a virtually risk free process to make money for its users. What at first can seem very confusing becomes understood easily by users as a savvy process to eliminate possibilities of risk by leveraging bets through different betting outlets. It is very important to note, however, that this service is designed for those in the UK and Ireland, and that users from other parts of the world have reported difficulties. In conclusion, Bonus Bagging should be respected for their ability to develop this loophole and should be regarded as a reliable source of income through betting.
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